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Kueh Lapis, Steamed Lapis & Bika Ambon b

Our Story

Bringing back the taste of home.

Since the 1980s, Mama Ying has always been creating delicious Indonesian kuehs and other delicacies in the kitchen - mainly for family, relatives and friends. As years and decades go by, commercialisation of the heavenly cuisine came in waves across the world. It has become increasingly difficult to find the same authentic taste of tradition and Indonesia. Hence, we were compelled to do something about bringing back the taste of home.

Starting out as a test kitchen to experiment and relive the true flavours of home, Ying Ah gradually evolved into a humble specialty bakery focused on traditional Indonesian kuehs. From Kueh Lapis Legit, Kueh Salat, to Bika Ambon and Steamed Kueh Lapis, our focus is to preserve the tradition and original recipes that have been carefully curated and refined by Mama Ying for over 30 years - delivering the authentic taste of the variety of traditional Indonesian delicacies made exactly the way they should be. From the ingredients to the techniques, attention to the finest details and top tier quality control standards are what gives us great pride in everything we create and serve our customers.

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