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Havermout Chocolate Cookies
  • Havermout Chocolate Cookies

    PriceFrom $30.00

    Havermout Chocolate Cookies: Chocolate chip infused original oat cookies made using an authentic century-old recipe from Grandma's times through the 1900s. These cookies have the perfect medley of a rich chocolatey taste and a therapeutic buttery fragrance, with an addictive crunch like no other. Every havermout chocolate cookie is:


    • Authentically freshly made to order using premium quality ingredients
    • Made using our Original Indonesian Recipe for over 100 years.
    • Available in 2 sizes: (1) 200g Gold Tub or (2) 300g Red Tub.


    If you're looking for the Best Havermout Chocolate Cookies in Singapore, you're probably at the right place. If you're not a fan of cookies, you probably haven't had these one-of-a-kind cookies. Rediscover quality, tradition and home with the best Havermout Chocolate Cookies in Singapore by Ying Ah.

    • Storage Instructions

      Havermout Cookies are best consumed within 2 weeks, but may be kept for up to 1 month. Do store them at room temperature in a cool and dry area away from the sun.

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