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Bika Ambon Half Size by Ying Ah

Customer Reviews

"Best Bika Ambon in Singapore", "Best Kueh Lapis in Singapore", "Highly Recommended", "Authentic Indonesian Kuehs", "Perfect Taste, Texture and not too sweet", these are some of the many things our customers are saying about our kuehs. If you're still looking for the best kuehs in Singapore, perhaps you have not tried Ying Ah. Here is what some of our customers are saying about our kuehs.

Bika Ambon Fine Lines.jpg
Review Photo Bika Ambon & Steamed Kueh Lapis.jpg

I am re-ordering as I love Bika Ambon and Ying Ah has done it right. It is also done traditionally so perfect! Taste not too sweet. Kueh lapis is perfection too! I have shared few times with my friends over dinner and they LOVE IT!  Please keep it up! Well done!

Olivia Friedrich

Review Photo Bika Ambon & Steamed Kueh Lapis 2.jpg

It's hard to find a good ambon in Singapore...the search is over for me. Ying Ah's ambon is the best. Springy and not overly sweet. The steamed lapis is yummy too.😋😋👍👍

Patrina Kuek

Review Photo Bika Ambon 6.jpg

“Unfortunately” I have no words for feedback. This is what’s left in less than 15 mins, between hub and I. Every mouthful I went “hmmmmm”

Rosana Arifin

Review Photo Bika Ambon & Pandan Kueh Lapis.jpg

They smell gorgeous and are seriously exquisite! Compliments to the chef!

Seriously... It was awesome stuff.

Leonard Ong

Kueh Salat by Ying Ah

Really enjoyed the kueh salat, kueh lapis legit and bika Ambon that I ordered. Very delicious, yet not too sweet which suits my taste. Service was excellent! Highly recommend!

Jennifer Pillay

Review Photo Pandan Kueh Lapis & Bika Ambon.jpg

We loved it and mom was pleased that we went for a more local choice of cake and the birthday mama was most pleased!  Not too sweet and oily. She kept asking: "How do you make this kueh?" It's her favourite!

Joanne Chan

Review Photo Bika Ambon 2.jpg

Just had the beautifully made bika ambon. Aromatic with a wonderful texture: the best that I had tasted in recent memory.

Noel Ong

Review Photo Kueh Lapis

“A very nice kueh lapis, it is not too sweet and oily. My 3yo son loves it more than other cakes, my infant baby likes it as well. Will definitely order again.”


Review Photo Prune Kueh Lapis.jpg

Delicious!  A lot of attention paid to detail.  Texture, taste, not too sweet.  Yum!

Sen Tan

Review Photo Bika Ambon 5.jpg

Love the kueh ambon, exactly how I remember it tastes. So happy to find this in Singapore, now I don’t have to carry this back from Indonesia anymore. Can’t wait to try the other Kueh.

Anthony Huang

Review Photo Kueh Lapis Legit.jpg

This is one of the best Kue Lapis i found in Singapore. The taste is similar to my hometown taste. Will order again.

Dolly Tsjin

Review Photo Bika Ambon 4.jpg

Best Ambon I’ve tried in Singapore

Chris Chong

Original Kueh Slices.jpg

Quality, Tradition, Home.

Taste it to believe it

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