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Where to buy Kueh Lapis Legit in Singapore?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

There is no doubt that Kueh Lapis is coined as one of the most delicious cakes in the world, again and again. It is loved both locally and internationally by many across the globe. Sometimes known as the Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake, kuih lapis, kue lapis, cake lapis, spekkoek. Call it what you like, you just can't help but love it. With its strong roots in Indonesia, it is no surprise that it is named as the "National Cake of Indonesia", because there is simply nothing like the Kueh Lapis Legit.

Popularity of Kueh Lapis Legit

Kueh Lapis Legit is often served and consumed during festive occasions and celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr and Christmas, with the 2 most popular variations of this kueh being the Prune Kueh Lapis and Pandan Kueh Lapis. Beyond festivities, this impressive, delicious masterpiece has become a frequent choice for gatherings, parties, tea breaks (because it's a perfect match with coffee or tea) or even as a thoughtful, intricate gift.

It's popularity and strong tag to the Indonesian heritage has made it a popular must-buy souvenir to take home from Indonesia (e.g. in Batam) by tourists across the world - from Singapore, Australia, Europe and beyond. Hence, you will find many established popular brands both globally and locally in Singapore.

Where can I buy Kueh Lapis in Singapore?

As Kueh Lapis has gained international popularity, your neighborhood bakeries is likely to already offer it. If you are looking for established popular brands, you may choose to import them from Indonesian bakeries or also choose from a variety of local brands.

The most important thing to remember about food is that taste and preferences vary from one person to another. So it's critical to find out what appeals to your taste buds most. The most important thing to remember about food is that taste and preferences vary from one person to another. You may browse and shop our Kueh Lapis Legit if you wish to have a taste of what thousands of happy customers recommend and love ;)

The Making of Kueh Lapis Legit

If there is anything that you need in baking Kueh Lapis, it is a whole lot of patience and careful attention to detail. Typically carefully baked a layer at a time to achieve the countless (typically 18) fine layers, it requires precision, discipline and a lot of experience to ensure that nothing goes wrong between any of the layers to achieve a consistent and smooth moist texture.

Often enough to irritate you, you will find air bubbles forming in between your layers, and you salvage them manually by banging your tray on the countertop, poking and flattening them in a desperate attempt to maintain the aesthetics of the straight lines as much as possible. For this reason, it takes nearly 6 hours to bake a single tray of Kueh Lapis Legit. Hence, most of us would probably be better off saving all that time and buying it to satisfy your kueh cravings.

This kueh typically uses Indonesian spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, etc. mixed with butter, eggs, sugar, salt and cake flour. Seems straightforward? Well, yes. There are tons of recipes out there that teach how to make this beautiful layer cake, a simple google or YouTube search will present you with an endless list of them. The kueh has become so common that you will probably see it in your nearest shopping mall and even the bakery shop in your neighborhood. But there is a particular reason why, we chose this as our very first specialty kueh.


Why we make Kueh Lapis Legit

Kueh Lapis Legit is popular, yet it's not always well done. The thing about traditional kuehs like this one, is that every little detail matters, from the ratio of the ingredients, to the mixing, to the baking temperature, time and more. All of these comes with great experience. It's not like one of those cakes where you could just follow the recipe and get a perfect kueh at first try (perhaps you could if you're an amazingly skilled and/or lucky). Making this kueh is not hard if you're persistent and determined. But mastering it, requires a lot of time (i.e. patience), attention and experience.

So we have tried many Kueh Lapis, from ones in Singapore to those from our roots back in Indonesia. We probably don't have to tell you which one tastes better. But it was this one time when Mama Ying made her Kueh Lapis that made us realise, this was it.

Long story cut short, we decided to gradually launch our kuehs - from Kueh Lapis Legit to our Bika Ambon, Kueh Salat, Steamed Kueh Lapis and more. It brings back the familiar taste of home, with a personal and important twist to it. While many bakeries cut costs on ingredients to offer cheaper alternatives, we believe strongly for offering value and quality, thus the decision to use the finest ingredients in all our products.


How we make Kueh Lapis Legit

Kueh Lapis by Ying Ah is:

  1. Freshly baked to order to ensure that you indulge in the exquisite and authentic taste of home

  2. Carefully layered delicately to achieve those beautiful fine lines - that is why it takes easily up to 6 hours to make just one.

  3. Made using the finest ingredients and our original recipe for over 30 years.

Of course the recipe is a secret, but what's not a secret is that you will never find a taste like ours elsewhere just because of the intricate details and strict quality standards we uphold. While taste is subjective, it has become objectively harder to find good traditional Indonesian cakes with commercialization happening on such a large scale. You kind of know it when you can find and buy it at the supermarket or convenience store for a fraction of what they would usually cost at a bakery. But you really know it when you have tried it yourself (yes, we've been there).

That is why we take pride in quality and continue to strive towards making our kuehs just the way they should be and present everyone with the best - because you deserve it.

There are also many flavours of Kueh Lapis available. Some offer durian lapis, cempedak, chocolate, nutella, coffee, the possibilities have been endless now with modern trends and twists. As taste and preferences are so relative, to each his own. Here at Ying Ah, we have decided to stick to the 3 original true flavours to refrain the Kueh Lapis from losing its traditional taste and touch - (1) Original, (2) Prune Kueh Lapis and (3) Pandan Kueh Lapis.. What's your favourite Kueh Lapis?


Ying Ah

Bringing back the taste of Home


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